You can now officially activate dark mode on Facebook to save battery power

Facebook has just launched Dark Mode in its official app. The social network presents this dark mode to many different countries and runs tests of all kinds. It’s one of the last apps universally included, but ultimately it is there. From this moment, you can activate Facebook’s Dark Mode in the Android app. It is very simple and will allow you to save battery life.

Finally, Facebook app for Android implemented Dark Mode in a universal and stable way. There are no tests or beta versions included, and implementation is in place and available to all users. If you want to activate the new dark mode, just follow these steps:
Enter the Facebook app for Android

Click on the three lines on the right side

  • Click once on “Settings and Privacy”
  • Activate “dark mode”

With these simple steps, you can completely change the Facebook interface. The buttons will still be in the same place, but everything that was previously white will now turn a very dark gray. This will preserve your eyesight in dark environments and you will not have to lower the brightness to be able to see Facebook clearly.

Additionally, the darker fronts improve the smartphone’s battery autonomy. Most screens use more energy when displaying white pixels than when displaying dark or black pixels. This means that if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, the screen consumes less in the dark mode, and hence, the battery consumption is less.

If you are in the settings of the Facebook application and the option “Dark Mode” does not appear, we recommend that you update the application from Google Play. If you don’t have an update available, it takes hours before it reaches you. Activating dark mode depends on the country or region you reside in, and it will arrive sooner or later.

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