disappearance mode for Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Facebook announced the launch of a function called “Vanish Mode,” whereby messages are ephemeral and disappear when the recipient actually sees them. Some parts of Instagram already have similar functionality, but now they are carried over to all direct messages of the app, for those users who want to activate them.

As Facebook explained in the ad, the way this function works is very simple. When we get into a casual conversation with a friend or acquaintance, activating hide mode to make messages disappear requires only a simple action: scroll the conversation up.
The new mode will appear in both apps as an option that can be turned on and off in the settings of any person or group conversation. You can also enter this mode by swiping up in the chat window. There is an option to turn it off at the top of the chat window or by scrolling down again. In fact, the other person also has to accept the situation to start this.

The new disappearance mode is basically a mode where conversations are fleeting. When entering this mode in a conversation, everything we send (text messages, photos, videos, stickers …) reaches the other user but once they view it it will be deleted automatically. Obviously, this does not mean that it is 100% private and secure, after all, the recipient can take a screenshot of it whenever they want.
With this functionality, Facebook mimics and conveys one of the most interesting Snapchat features that attracts most of its users. Temporary messages make conversations more private in some way.

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