Mark Zuckerberg receives heavy criticism from his employees

As a result of the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of social networks has doubled. Employees have moved from office to home to fulfill their work commitments. Even large companies like Facebook have adopted this measure to protect the lives of their employees.

In recent times, audio leaks of meetings between Facebook employees and Mark Zuckerberg have known workers’ displeasure with the decisions made by the company’s CEO.
Internal protests over racial injustice, polarized elections, and the ongoing threat of multi-state and federal antitrust and privacy investigations are some of the issues that hit Facebook the most in 2020.
Casey Newton of The Verge obtained a series of audio leaks of internal meetings held between Facebook employees and executives, and the following points emerged:
Regarding the political situation, there are those who say that the company is polarizing and are betting on Donald Trump’s nomination. The staff wanted him to take a tougher stance against the administration of the current president of the United States.
On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg had no answer on how to provide his workers with boxes of energy and fruit bars, three months after receiving an estimate that employees spend more money on food when they are at home than they spend when they work in the facilities of the social networking site Facebook.
Other employees to avoid contracting the coronavirus have raised the idea of ​​moving to an island, where they can all work without much trouble, thus avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Given this, Zuckerberg’s response was completely accurate in saying that it is not a good idea to disconnect from society and that we have to stay in touch.
Facebook gave its employees bonuses of $ 1,000, and said it would give everyone the highest marks in the first half of performance evaluations, regardless of their actual performance, all in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Despite the internal conflicts, Facebook has not stopped operating and continues to improve the quality of the services it provides. A clear example of this is Facebook launching a reels job, which is similar to its competitor Tik Tok job that has earned it more than $ 4,902 million.

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