3 new ways that Google will protect users around the world .. know them

October is National Internet Security Awareness Month, and although it is an occasion that is usually celebrated in Europe and the United States, the changes that various companies make to improve the security section also apply to the services that we as Arabs use. Specifically, Google announced new security tools that will benefit Its users around the world.

As Google stated in its official statement, the security of its products depends on three basic principles: keeping your information secure, handling it responsibly, and controlling it yourself. Security updates focus specifically on these principles.
High-visibility security alerts

The first of these improvements are the new security alerts that will appear directly on your phone screen when Google detects a serious security problem on one of your accounts. Google states that since they began implementing these alerts in 2015, they have noticed that users have interacted with these types of tools much more than they did with the classic email security notice, a situation that allows users to act faster in the event of a security breach on their account.

The new security alert will be displayed inside the Google app, and users will be able to solve it directly from the said tool, so they will not have to know their email or other alert systems on the device. According to Google, their new notifications tool is resistant to phishing, so when a user receives this notification on their phone, they can fully feel it is a notification from Google.
Google Assistant with guest mode

We recommend many times to use the guest mode in Android when you need to loan your cell phone in any situation, and now this mode will come to Google Assistant, but not for the phone, but for smart devices for the home. That is, when you want to interact with the Google Assistant from a Nest Mini, Nest Audio, or any other Google Assistant compatible device, you can activate the guest mode so that nothing you say or do is saved in your account.

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