Twitter will present an option to get the accounts blue badge again

In November 2017, Twitter closed its special request form to verify the account (that is, to obtain the famous blue badge) after learning that it had verified “suspicious” profiles.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that the verification procedure is “broken” and that until a replacement is created, the form will still be inaccessible.
Since then, 3 years have passed and thousands of new verification badges have been awarded by Twitter using unclear criteria for new personalities and public institutions that have been accessing the social network. Something that only created confusion.

Now, Twitter has just confirmed that the option to request verification of our accounts will be available again early next year, and has made a proposal aiming to set clear standards in this regard.

The company is now asking the community of users to provide feedback on the aforementioned suggestion, and has encouraged the use of the hashtag #VerificationFeedback so that we can post our comments.

In addition, Twitter announced that it has already identified several categories of accounts that may bear the famous blue badge: government institutions, companies, brands, NGOs, personal accounts related to media, entertainment or sports, as well as activists and other influential people.

All of this will be, according to the company, a “starting point,” because throughout 2021 new verification criteria and new verifiable classes of accounts can be included.

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