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Best Antivirus of 2021

Best Antivirus of 2021

For many users, talking about cybersecurity sounds like what companies do to avoid being robbed and spied on by organizations of adolescent cybercriminals who spend too much time in front of the computer in dark rooms and who always, always wear a hood during their attacks.

The reality is much more severe. The truth is that at least 25% of attacks globally are carried out against users and not against companies. Believing that you don’t need protection against that threat is as naive as thinking that shrugging your shoulders in the rain will no longer get you wet.

In most cases, talking about the antivirus is sinful since the current security concept is much broader. We should speak of security solutions since they integrate different tools to protect systems against all kinds of computer threats.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus offers you a combination of protection and computer performance that is close to excellence. Not only does it protect you from malware, but it also checks the links you see on social media or in your emails to alert you when it detects something suspicious. The plan that, in our opinion, is recommended is McAfee Antivirus Plus since it allows you to protect unlimited devices.

McAfee blocks malware with great speed and has very efficient customer service that perfectly complements its software in a time of crisis. The combination of these two factors makes us raise it to the top 3.

The interface is not as modern as that of another antivirus. Here it is more traditional, but this translates into a very intuitive and straightforward user experience.

In short, a high-quality antivirus that knows that it should not interfere with your activities with your devices and that, when it does, it is with simple and straightforward messages so as not to create uncertainty and that you know what to do. If, for any reason, the two previous antiviruses do not convince you, do not hesitate to opt for this one since it also belongs to the elite.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is software that we love. Not only does it offer you a very high level of protection capable of detecting, stopping, and eliminating a very high percentage of today’s malware, but it also offers you 200 MB of VPN browsing per day so that you can carry out the actions most compromised with the extra security of being anonymous.

We recommend the Internet Security plan, which includes firewall and webcam protection so that no one can spy on you or record you with it.

The computer’s performance is also very high even if the antivirus is working; that is, the experience of using Bitdefender is fantastic. In addition, its configuration is straightforward and easy to understand, assuming you want to use it. Because its default values ​​are perfect for the average user, as it contains several default settings that you can activate with a single click. For example, it has an operational mode that gets rid of everything that could slow down the computer’s performance, in addition to increasing email security and public wi-fi mode, which increases protection to the maximum so that you can browse safely from your library or favorite coffee shop.

Panda Dome Essential

Panda Antivirus deserves a good position in our list of the best antivirus, and that is why we place it in the fourth position. Offers excellent cloud-based malware protection. Suppose we have not put it in a better position. In that case, it is because, without the internet, the level of protection drops and, although computers spend less and less time offline and most of the threats come from the online world, it is still possible that malware enters our computer through a USB when we do not have a network connection. 

That said, if you don’t use a lot of strange USBs or you always use your computer with an internet connection, the truth is that Panda Antivirus is a highly recommended product. The basic plan includes a firewall or firewall and 150 MB / day of VPN browsing, two characteristics that we find very valuable and that, in our opinion, significantly increase security and privacy.

Suppose you want to have a well-protected computer when you connect to the internet. In that case, you do not doubt that Panda will meet your expectations and offer you the protection you need for your computer, your privacy, and your Wwi-network, all while respecting the processor’s speed. 

As we are often asked about it, we want to point out that the installation is simple and the configuration intuitive, so you should not worry at all, even if you are not an expert.

Norton Security Deluxe

For Norton Security Deluxe, we recommend the Deluxe plan. It allows you to protect more than one device. Nowadays, it is expected that at least two have to be covered with mobile phones, the computer and the mobile. If you only had one device, the basic plan might be enough because the truth is that the level of protection is similar and, by the way, very high, including the detection of viruses, ransomware, Trojans, and other types of malware.

Regarding performance, we were delighted with the analysis. We were able to see how our computer worked perfectly and quickly. It is noteworthy that if you find a virus challenging to eliminate, you can contact them. An expert will help you solve the problem, which raises their helpdesk a few points above the average. You also have to take into account its ease of use. Its interface is intuitive, and the software does its job by bothering you as little as possible with notifications.

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